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The A.C.E.S. Framework

Dr. Tracy G. Crump’s Signature Speech and College Readiness Workshop

The individualized college readiness experience!

This intensive workshop explores college readiness concepts covered in the A.C.E.S. for Students: Strategies for Success in the First Year of College & Beyond book, including:

o   Introduction to The A.C.E.S. Framework™

o   Emotional intelligence

o   Finding Your Self-Identity

o   Motivation

o   Understanding Your Learning Styles

o   Pre-Semester Activities

o   Negotiating Personal, Roommate, and Professional Relationships

o   Productivity

o   Time management/Prioritizing your competing responsibilities.

o   Harness your professors’ expertise.

o   Accessing support resources

o   Finding your leadership voice

o   Preparing for Career Success

o   Mindfulness & Self-Care

(Includes textbooks, workbooks, and course materials)

A.C.E.S. For Leaders:

Educator Entrepreneurship Jumpstart Course

In this self-paced online course, we will teach you how to:

create a mission statement that meets your desires and non-monetary goals;

set annual revenue goals based on industry standards and trends;

conduct a SWOT analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats;

create a strategic activity plan to ensure the success of your mission and develop a resource inventory plan for use in cost-benefit analyses and decision-making;

automate your business systems for maximum efficiency, and

strategically evaluate your progress to ensure you are on track to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Using The A.C.E.S. Framework™️, this course will provide real-world examples and tools that you can use to gain the knowledge and resources that will help you master your skills and plan for the future.

Join us now and gain the confidence needed for success!

iLLINOIS Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 1-Hour Continuing Education

IDFPR-approved course – Provider #290.000072

This online one-hour training provides an introduction to issues of domestic and sexual violence, which meets the CE requirement for all cosmetologists, estheticians, hair braiders, barbers, and nail technicians. Participants will learn to recognize signs of abuse, types of domestic violence and sexual assault, and how to assist clients who are victims of violence. Upon completion of the training, students will receive an IDFPR-approved continuing education (CE) certificate.

Illinois Sexual Harassment 1-Hour Continuing Education Course

Professionally Licensed Fields IDFPR-approved course – Provider #290.000072

In this all-inclusive online workshop, you will better understand what classifies as sexual harassment, how it can impact the victim’s and the offender’s lives, and how to deal with such situations in your own line of work.  Upon completion of the training, students will receive an IDFPR-approved continuing education (CE) certificate.

A.C.E.S. Author Jumpstart


The A.C.E.S. Author Jumpstart course will equip aspiring authors with the tools and knowledge to write their books. Through engaging lectures and hands-on exercises, clients will learn about the book writing process, which outlines the crucial steps that must be taken to craft a successful book project. They will then explore the four phases of an author’s journey: research, drafting, editing, and publication. Furthermore, they will discover the assets needed to get their book to market and how to create an effective pre-launch sales strategy. This course will give you all the necessary components for launching a book project into production.

Equity Assessment

Equity assessments, sometimes also called “equity audits” or “climate assessments,” involve collecting and analyzing information, usually through multiple data-gathering processes, in order to determine the extent to which a school, college, program, or other entity is equitable to each member of the community. In this workshop, we work together to create a personalized assessment to see how much your entity of choice is equitable to its members.

DEI Strategic Plan

In this course, I provide you with a bystander’s view of where your organization currently stands, then use that information to create a detailed roadmap of where you want it to be in the near future, and the tools you’ll need to get there… All while steering your organizational environment towards a healthier, more inclusive direction.

Intercultural Team Consult

Life experience and education have allowed me to understand the challenges that people from underrepresented, marginalized, and minoritized communities face on a daily-basis in many environments and circumstances. This is why I can partner with you to provide you with the right tools and strategies to make your organization a more welcoming environment for all stakeholders.

Managing Bias and Addressing Microaggression Workshop

Together, we can introduce your team to the definition of microaggression, early signs of it, and introduce effective strategies to manage implicit bias. This will help your organization foster a healthy, inclusive environment for all individuals to thrive in, and allows your teams to have supportive, mindful relationships.

Managing Mental Health in Diverse Communities Workshop

In today’s circumstances, mental health is more vulnerable than ever, and the need for functional methods of dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression is present in every work environment, including yours. Through this workshop, I can collaborate with you to increase awareness on such an important matter, and teach valuable information on how to better connect with our emotions, and deal with them in a healthy, sustainable way.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 1-Hour Workshop

Create a more comfortable and better-informed work environment, and spread awareness on important topics that can have a negative impact on organizations, and people, if not addressed correctly. This workshop will assist you in increasing awareness about the prevalence and impact of domestic violence and sexual assault, types of domestic violence and sexual assault, victims, offenders, signs, and strategies to address abuse and victimization.

Sexual Harassment 1-Hour Workshop

Create a more comfortable and better-informed work environment, and spread awareness on important topics that can have a negative impact on organizations, and people, if not addressed correctly. This workshop will increase awareness about the prevalence and impact of sexual harassment, types of sexual harassment, victims, offenders, and strategies to address sexual harassment.


National Domestic Violence Hotline:

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network):

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