Mental Hygiene and Self-Care in the Black Community

WVON Women’s History Month

“Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You” Book Discussion with Evergreen Park Public Library

Creating Inclusive Spaces with Moraine Valley Community College:

Woman-to-Woman Summit Presentation

Passion, Purpose, and Peace Summit Keynote

Tracy G. Crump’s Speakers magazine Podcast

Moving Campus Anti-Racist “ideas” to Strategic Plans

Harnessing the power of compassion: How showing yourself grace can propel you in your personal and professional life

Four strategies parents can use to help college students establish healthy relationships

If it doesn’t fit, you must scrap it: 9 things to think about when choosing a college


How to not let your “pop off” get you fired: Navigating important conversations with important people in the workplace

Four strategies a college professor can use to help students in need persist without compromising course integrity or their own mental health

How parents can help prepare and support young adults transitioning to college

Six ways the village can help college-bound students


Struggling with “work-life balance”? Try “strategic symbiosis” to level up your mindset and productivity

Four ways to make the most out of your student academic advising sessions

6 Business Strategies Teachers Can Use to Navigate the Educator Career Ladder Successfully

Press features

Pursuing diversity, equity & inclusion with H.E.A.R.T.

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