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Meet Tracy G. Crump (She/Her)

Author | Educator | Attorney | Speaker | Consultant | Strategist

“Ensure every person can be seen, heard, and supported in all aspects of life”.

I help students and educators prosper by clarifying their goals and resources, sharpening their skills, and empowering them to strive for success. As a higher education visionary with over 30 years of experience helping thousands, I combine my zone of genius with a keen ability to energize and inspire individuals to work toward a common goal.

Education has always been my thing. It matters to me and is the universal resource that can truly set us apart. In plain terms, to DO more, you need to KNOW more. Every part of my professional life involves education at almost every level. From working with high school and college students to helping higher education professionals enhance their careers to leading corporate workshops on workplace issues, assisting others to learn is what drives me. Everyone has value and can absorb the lessons taught in the classroom or life. But sometimes, it takes a different approach.

Some of us have a challenging way to start. You may even find your (fill in the blank) doesn’t want you because that’s different from the look they are after. And you can get angry and say, “the heck with them,” or you can figure out how to make it work. I can relate. My challenging high school experience required me to adopt a non-traditional schedule. When I was ready, I returned to in-class sessions and graduated with my class and a scholarship.

My story illustrates that there is give and take in life and that solutions and resources are always available. That type of thinking also helped me when I was in trade school, when I first struggled in college, during graduate school, when I was in my doctoral program, as I completed my certificate programs, when I was preparing for the Bar Exam, and when navigating the tenure track. Those experiences uniquely qualify me for what I do.

In the end, the journey is as important as the destination. The destination gets you the accolades (and the associated titles), but the journey is what shaped you.

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