Are you a writer but have yet to publish your work?

Are these things getting in the way of you releasing your work:

❌ difficulty finding the right topic;

❌ challenges organizing your ideas and creating a coherent structure;

❌ not knowing the steps to take or the order to take them to get your book “trade publication” ready;

❌ constant writer’s block; or

❌ external pressures like deadlines, expectations from editors or publishers, life distractions, and the fear of failure or criticism.

All of these factors can make writing challenging.

Are you ready to write your book?

The A.C.E.S.™ Author Jumpstart Course will help!

Go from being unsure where to start ➡️ to understanding what it takes to write your manuscript and prepare it for publication.

✅ Be inspired by scheduling time devoted only to writing your book. 

📝 Remain motivated throughout the course with focused, expert guidance.

🎯 Learn how to organize your ideas, plan your writing goals, and stay on track for success! By the end of the day, you will have a clear path to follow to achieve your writing objectives. 

🙌 Receive valuable writing, publishing, and marketing strategies from an experienced writer. Through this, you can refine your writing to create a higher-quality product.

⚡ Unlock access to exclusive resources and information not available elsewhere.

👌 Select the best time for you to attend lectures and get the work done.

🔑 Get an invaluable hands-on experience with a personalized approach tailored to your individual needs.

🔥 Emerge from the course with newfound confidence in your work – ready to take on any writing project with renewed energy and enthusiasm!


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Are you ready to communicate your message to your target audience but you’re unsure where to start?

Are you looking to gain clarity about:

🎯 the writing building blocks,

🎯 how you can leverage your intellect to generate revenue with your writing,

🎯 the four phases of an author’s journey: research, drafting, editing, and publication,

🎯 the ten assets authors need to get their book to market and how to create an effective pre-launch sales strategy, and

🎯 important considerations for launching a book project into production?

If so, the A.C.E.S.™ Author Jumpstart Course will help you clarify your writing goals and needed resources, sharpen your authorship and publication understanding, and empower you to strive for success!

At the end of the course, you will:

🙌 have a concrete plan to write your first draft of your manuscript;

🙌 better understand the writing process and its related elements, such as publication;

🙌 be informed about what is expected in the industry, allowing you to develop an effective plan to reach your target audience with your message; and

🙌 emerge from this experience with the knowledge and strategies necessary to make your voice heard by publishing your book.

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👌 As an educator, facilitator, trainer, speaker, or entrepreneur you understand that your message has the power to change hearts and minds and be the catalyst to shape a better future for us all.

👌 Your audience needs to hear your thought leadership AND you have a responsibility to give it to them.

👌 The A.C.E.S.™ Author Jumpstart Course can help you get your message to those you serve.

👌 We will help you prepare a strong foundation so you can navigate the manuscript drafting and publication processes.

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